Where am I and what am I doing?

That is the question that many of you are wondering, even the ones that know might still be wondering “what is she really doing and what is YWAM? Why is she on a beach? Is she on vacation? Is she getting paid to be there?”

I started this blog because I want to keep my friends and family updated with what I’m doing and what is happening in my life.  I’m not a “blogger” and sometimes I say things really backwards or funny, and I talk a lot (my family can attest)  so I am warning you now.. These blogs may not always sound cool or eloquent but I want to share my heart and my journey with you, so read at your own risk. 🙂
So, many of you know but if not here goes…

In April I decided to make a life changing decision to do a DTS (Discipleship Training School) with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) – I know tons of acronyms!- My DTS was absolutely amazing! I received healing, freedom and SO much joy and my relationship with Jesus became REAL and solid! During it I felt God tell me there was more He wanted for me and it was not time to go back home for good yet. I had plans to go home and get back to “normal life” but His plans are so much better and I decided to continue to pray about it and see what happens.

I felt that God kept telling me to trust Him, that was a huge theme during this whole process. I felt like at my age I had already given up so much to come and spend 5 months away from distractions to get closer to God, so in my mind there was SO much to lose if I choose to come back to Staff here. I would not be close to my family (which most of you know how close we are), I wouldn’t have a regular money making job (I’ve worked since I was 17), I would leave everything & everyone I knew, etc… Needless to say this was a hard decision, but again God kept telling me to trust Him and He would provide and make things work out. Many prayers later and tons of confirmation I knew I needed to come back to YWAM Destination Paradise and join Staff and then do a secondary school called Foundations In Counseling Ministries which starts in July 2015. As a staff member I am the school registrar that takes all incoming emails, inquiries and student applications, interviews, and accept students into schools. This role is so much more than that though, I get to be the “front door greeter” I get to encourage these awesome students, pray for them, help them take the first step of faith to trust and believe that God can and will do amazing things during this time if they allow it and step out.

I could go on for pages and pages explaining these past few months but let’s be honest most people don’t want to read that much and you’re probably already tired of reading, so I’m going to try to wrap it up in a few more sentences. So to answer the questions everyone is probably asking; Yes, I do live on a beautiful beach in Belize, and No I’m not getting paid to be here. It may be hard for people to understand the fact that I am living as a “missionary” while I’m in this gorgeous place, but don’t let the location fool you, we still are a community of people seeking after Jesus and helping to bring young adults to an amazing place of freedom and healing. We work hard, pray hard, cry tons, love much, serve, and learning right along side of this awesome community!

So, yes my blog is called Trusting and Belizing 🙂 It might be cheesy but I don’t care. This is a season that God is asking me to truly Trust and Believe in what He is doing and what His awesome plans are for my life while getting to experience His beautiful creation on this awesome island of San Pedro, Belize.


Love you all and thanks for reading!!


Here is a short video that gives you some more info on what YWAM is