Understanding “I already”

How many of us still live by the phrase ‘If only..’ When God has said ‘I already’…..?

Whatever our fear, whatever our doubt, whatever that thing is that is stopping you from following his voice, He is saying “I already..” To me that means so many things. That means trust me, listen to me, don’t be afraid, love me, and let me love you! He went before us and will never forsake us.  Deuteronomy 31:8 

After a year of working and serving with YWAM DP, I felt God asking me to stay another year. For a long time I struggled with the idea that God would continue to provide for me in my time here. Gods “I already…” became “if only God would..”

This fear, doubt and struggle came back up to the surface again recently when I heard news that my main financial supporter no longer is able to help with my financial needs per month. You can imagine the emotions that went through my mind.

I took a leap of faith, to follow in obedience what I felt God asking of me, to stay in Belize another year, continuing to grow and serve in this YWAM community.

I recently heard a song that impacted me greatly. Some of the lyrics say:

“Let the King of my heart be the fire inside my veins…You’re never gunna let me down, you’re never gunna let, never gunna let me down! Cuz You are GOOD! GOOD!”

You know when you come across one of those songs that just speaks so perfectly to your heart at the exact moment that you need to hear it? I feel like God brought this song into my life recently to remind me that He says “I already” and to trust that He is good no matter what happens.

My heart smiled so big when I found out that one of my nephews that is only a little over a year old raises his hands in the air when this song comes on. He can’t even fully speak and he knows that God is good and he is praising Him!


I would love for you guys to join me in prayer as I seek God in this next season of life, prayer is the most important part of life here and the provision that I see from God in my finances comes from a deep well of prayer. One of the reasons I fell in love with this place is the fact that we cover everything in prayer.

Currently I am in need of $600 per month, approximately, this includes all food and housing as well as that which is needed for my monthly immigration visa, insurance, transportation and basic essentials that I need.

I have set up a Facebook page  which is a new way for me to connect with my supporters through pictures, quotes, thoughts and feelings as well as information about how life is here in Belize and an open forum so share prayer requests and create a sense of family and community with those of you that partner with me in every aspect of life through my time in Missions.

I would love to hear from you, know how you’re doing, how I can be praying and hear praises of what God is doing in your lives. Please contact me anytime.

Email: stef@destinationparadise.org

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/stefupdates

About me on the YWAM website : http://ywamdp.org/product/stef-rosu/